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Recent additions to our ever changing display of exciting contemporary artwork. Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery 7946 Ivanhoe Avenue, La Jolla, CA (858) 551-2010 CFASD@connectnet.com Follow us on Facebook and Instagram www.contemporaryfineartsgallery.com
R. John Ichter and Tom Marosz
Alison Haley Paul - Bijou
Julia San Roman - Brief. Torrey Pines
aquas litus Vitrius No 4
Joshua Smith - The Kindred
Stephanie Paige - Arrived
Julia San Roman - Light and Space
Pascal Pierme - Tatoum 5
Orlando Agudelo-Botero - La Familia V
Paul Ecke - Fractal 201 - Detail
Wade Harb - Masques Anciens
Tara Mozafarian - Seeds of Grace
Stephanie Paige - Take Me With You
Joshua Smith - The Persistence of a Dream
Alison Haley Paul - Tourmaline
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